Blue Print of the project


The objective of the orb project is to bring together open minded researchers together to make their research accelerate at the greatest pace powered by many like minded researchers researching on the project. Orb will be a platform for such interaction and contribution for the same cause of getting to a novel result...


Orb will contain content in a well organised way with the following features:

User Hirarchy:
The users will be classified in to two main groups and further sub groups. Frontend Users and Backend Users.Frontend users will again be divided as Subject Expert, Research Manager, Research Moderators, Gang Managers, Gang Moderators, and Normal User.The backend subdivided into admin backend content backend and technical backend Lead By an open source Embassy Selected having a reputed opensouce background. According to the context and backend's decision, these Groups will enjoy their fixed rights.

Content Hirarchy

The content will be classified as Frontmatter, Papers, Blog , Articles, Comment articles on Papers, COmments,Events calendar, Forum , IRC channel, Online chat (For each Gang & Research Base) etc.

each gang or base will have a short name that facilitates its access as


Rss and other sorts of xml will be generated for each of the above content catagories(wherever possible) according to the user catagory

IRC Channel and mailing lists

will be provided for each of the research base and gang to keep its enthusiasts and members update

The code and Framework

The code will be for viewing and reviewing on this site and will be actively updated so as to be ready for launch by september 2008

The code will be based on a framework written in php which will provide protocol for creating modules and components which can be integrated to the cor eframework at any point of time the frame work will feature an easy to code template engine edited from smarty php.

More Updates coming Soon...

3:00 AM 2/25/2008