Hi this is Shashi Gowda, 17, Indian to be brief. And this is the previewing site for my new ambitious project-orb. orb means open research bases.

Ever since I came to know about Open Source I've been a great fan of it. It is the only human philosophy in the world of computers and i'm sure the just started revolution of open souce is gonna burst all money thursty companies in a matter of years.

Now coming to the point... orb is one of the many tributes to the open source philosophy. It seeks to bring about a revolutionary way of research and development. In the conventional research system in practice, a researcher keeps thinking on a topic until he gets to a novel conclusion out of his thinking and analysis, Then he writes it down and struggles to publish it in a decently rated journal. Orb seeks to provide a platform (for those who wanna be open atleast) to interactively carryout research on a topic that anyone can start, post their theories and papers which are open for other researchers to edit and review, maintaining a clean log of credits to the authors for the claims! Orb seeks to bring researchers together make their own community chart out events and conferences write articles and papers etc.

I expect the orb platform to be completed by september 24 2008. This is only possible with all your support and encouragement. Interested people and organisations can donate to the project here.

You can also help me by joining hands in the development process by downloading the source code here. and sendind reviews and edited code to your credits will always be there!